Who We Serve

Residents of Clare of Assisi House, a transitional housing in Pennsylvania for non-violent women throughout PA.

Our residents consist of non-violent women being released from prison. They complete an application which is then followed by an interview. Once accepted, residents will live at Clare House for 12 months as they begin to put the pieces of their life back together. Clare of Assisi House has accommodations for 12 women who participate in a Supportive Housing Resident Agreement, while saving for a security deposit to transition to their own housing.

While at Clare of Assisi House, our mission is to foster restoration of women affected by incarceration and whatever their background may be - whether they suffered from addiction or prostitution - to find encouragement, a safe home, and the network of support they need to successfully reenter the community and build a better life for themselves. Building self-confidence and independence, women learn to see themselves as a unique creation of God, while living, thriving and growing in a safe, sober and comfortable home-like environment.

Residents Sharing


"The Clare of Assisi House is such an amazing place.  It is an opportunity to be in a stable, beautiful and supportive environment.  The staff is so supportive, and they all encourage us to be the best that we can be while they try to help us integrate back into society.  This house brings people together.  It isn’t biased on race, religion or background.  We all consider ourselves a family.  We all ourselves the Clare House Sisters.  We are here creating bonds that will help us better ourselves, support each together and will last a lifetime."

~ Autumn Y.
June 2019

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“I am very grateful for the Clare of Assisi House for a beautiful, safe and clean place to live.  After so much heartache, devastation and loss through many bad choices and childhood wounds my life headed down a very dark and lonely road that I am blessed to even be alive.  So, to have a place to continue to heal and to thrive on the journey that started once I truly surrendered during my incarceration in Lehigh County and continued into Muncy State Prison.  I didn’t have anyone or place to go and Clare of Assisi House took a chance on me and gave me the start and safety I needed to have on the outside.  And I have taken that and ran with it full force into recovery and mental health, building a firm foundation on Jesus and sobriety.  There is no way that I could have done any of this without a safe place to live.  I thank God everyday for his grace and mercy and for the Clare House for giving me a chance at life.”

~  Lisa P.
June 2019


“Life after prison can be very trying. To be released from prison, homeless and penniless with no direction. I suffer from low esteem and lack of confidence and Clare of Assisi House has helped me build my self-confidence and self-esteem. They have motivated me to strive for a better life. Without the daily support and encouragement of staff it would be harder than it already is to transition from prison back into society. Clare House has definitely helped me put the pieces of my life back together. I will forever be grateful to this place.”

~ Angela B.
May 2020


“Clare House means to me a safe environment for me to call home. I can work on myself and while I am getting my life together. Clare House has given me opportunities and a lot of help, so I don’t have to worry about anything. I can really focus on doing the right thing and be the mother I want to be.”

~ Nicole P.
May 2020

In the Midst of Your Storm

Do you long for sweet peace in the midst of your storm?

For a gladness and joy when your heart has been torn?

Do you long for a calm in your life filled with grief?

For an enduring strength when there’s doubt in belief?

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Yes, I know you do, friend, for I’ve been where you are;

and tho try as we may we don’t get very far,

Until on Jesus we call, asking for help from above,

giving him all our trials and trusting in his supreme love.

Then he will give us his grace that will carry us through;

and he will strengthen our faith if we ask him to.

As we trust in him more, there will come a sweet

peace and comforting calm, until our headaches cease.

~ Stacy H.

Ana My love for you never fades....

By:  Christina W

It's been a year now since you left
Fond memories of you are not
forgotten but cherishingly kept

For me to be where I'm at in life to
you I am in debt
For believing in me every time I
attempted to sing a song
You my loving sister always made
me feel like I belonged

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But before long there I went to
doing my wrong
You taught me how to have a voice
And with love that every day is a

To be or not to be?
That is the question
To be free from bondage that is
true happiness

Just for today I will live life to its
Just for today with God’s help I will
fight thru the pain
Just for today I will fight for my
recovery and for my life
Just for today and every day I thank
God for you and others that taught
me how to truly live

Thank you for loving me until I
could love myself
If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be

Thru the tears and thru the pain…
with God leading the way…strength
I will gain

Today I choose to live

You are truly missed
My love for you never fades…..

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