29 Days of Thirty-One Winners

Congratulations to the Winners

Check back daily to see if you won!
Winners can pick up their prizes at Clare House after February 13th.

February 1st Winner: Lucy Concordia (tkt #32)
February 2nd Winner: Christina Howard (tkt #213)
February 3rd Winner: Stephani Mohn (tkt #123)
February 4th Winner: Jeanne Brewer (tkt #104)
February 5th Winner:  Angela Boylan (tkt #081)
February 6th Winner:  Kristi Rutt (tkt #111)
February 7th Winner:  Christina Howard (tkt #218)
February 8th Winner:  Connie Fegley (tkt #008)
February 9th Winner:  Natalie Mills (tkt #060)
February 10th Winner:  Angela Brown (tkt #090)
February 11th Winner:  Christina Howard (tkt #211)
February 12th Winner:  Rosemary Connelly (tkt #041)
February 13th Winner:  Unknown (tkt #027)
February 14th Winner:  Amber Spencer (tkt #082)
February 15th Winner:  Chris Williamee (tkt #205)
February 16th Winner:  Mary Anne Kremp (tkt #161)
February 17th Winner:  Ann Tomaselli (tkt #172)
February 18th Winner:  Kathy Blosenski (tkt #292)
February 19th Winner:  Sallyann Whitely (tkt #120)
February 20th Winner:
February 21st Winner:
February 22nd Winner:
February 23rd Winner:
February 24th Winner:
February 25th Winner:
February 26th Winner:
February 27th Winner:
February 28th Winner:
February 29th Winner: